MOSAIC artwork is decorating Oxford's iconic Covered Market during Oxfordshire Artsweeks, including Becky Paton's series of "warrior women".

The 49-year-old artist from Beckley, just outside Oxford, has spent months perfectly placing tiles to create her series of show pieces.

For Oxfordshire Artweeks, some of these will be displayed in the city centre market, including a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and an impressive self portrait.

She said: "I have done a self portrait and a mosaic of my son and daughter and people were very encouraging, so I wanted to do another one and Queen Elizabeth I - the Queen of bling. I thought she fit the bill with all her sparkle.

"This lead to the series of portraits of warrior women."

The mosaics are being shown as part of Oxfordshire Artweeks festival running from Saturday, May 7, to Monday, May 30.

For three weeks, artists across the county are opening up their studios for free and in Oxford itself there will be 200 art spaces to peruse.

Ms Paton added: "I have had the most wonderful feedback when I was putting the show up, it is fantastic.

"People have said how much they love my work which, honestly, means everything to me.

"It spurs you on and is good for the soul."