BOTTLETOPS, woodcarvings and floral hubcaps will be unveiled next week after years of hard work by Bicester Sculpture Group.

The arts group will open up their workshop in the Old Vicarage in Church Street from May 21 to 29 as part of this year's Oxfordshire Artweeks.

The studio and gardens will be transformed into a wonderland of realistic and abstract art all influenced by the natural world.

Group tutor Mick Waterhouse said: "As a group of 25 practising sculptors this show is the fruition of a years work in the studio and putting on our exhibition for Oxfordshire Artweeks and opening the studio doors to the public is much like an actor walking onto the stage.

"For the artists there is a real mix of emotions, each piece of work, seen at last as it had been envisaged months before, exposes a little bit of the artist to criticism or praise.

"As tutor for the group I have watched each artist bring their sculptures into being, providing encouragement and constructive criticism while also solving the technical problems encountered with the various materials in use."

The sculpture group will be opening up the studio from Saturday, May 21, to Sunday, May 29, 11am to 4pm.

There will be a whole host of work on display from local artists showing a range of techniques and materials.

Mr Waterhouse added: "Flora Gregory's amazing 'Rainbow' hanging is fabricated from hundreds of bottle tops. Each top, gleaned from pubs, restaurants and recycling boxes has been flattened, pierced, sorted by colour and wired by hand to create a stunningly colourful image.

"Almost more delightful and surprising is the beautiful reverse side. Our challenge now is to hang it to allow both sides to be appreciated in the exhibition.

"Among the many other exhibitors, Chris Rothero will be showing his well observed character sculptures in wire and resin, Agnes Dingwall has created from wire, hot glue and mesh a glorious meter long fiery red Dragon, Dawn Tremaine has created glistening Poppy Heads from stainless steel, Marie Boyle figurative sculpture in Bronze Resin.

"I will be showing my woodcarvings with my main piece being a White Horse carved on oak boards."

Bicester Sculpture Group dates back to 1998 and now honours local George Muller who founded the studio at his home in Bicester.