THINK of buying a burger at McDonald's and what comes to mind? The stress of choosing which meal deal to get, then the torment of having to carry your tray all the way back to your table?


Well apparently for many people, the strain of having to pick up their own chips at the counter is a major problem, because after 42 years, the world's most famous fast food chain has started introducing table service, and it has now arrived in Oxfordshire.

Outlets in Headington and Milton Heights Services, Didcot, are now serving burgers right to diners' tables.

They are among 400 of the UK's 1,250 franchises that are rolling out the courtesy because, they say, customers were clamouring for it.

Didcot franchisee Ismail Anilmis, who owns and operates the Milton Heights restaurant, said: "The introduction of the new features and table service in the restaurant help meet our customers' evolving needs.

"We know that for parents, for example, it can sometimes be a stressful experience ordering at the till and carrying food while keeping an eye on children, so table service enables customers to order at the self-order kiosk and then sit down at a designated zone to be served their food.

"I am really excited to announce the launch of table service in my Didcot restaurant."

McDonald’s first opened in the UK in 1974 and now has more than 1,250 restaurants.

The decision to roll out table service follows a successful trial at 14 UK restaurants last year.

It is currently only being introduced at restaurants that have digital self-order kiosks like Milton Heights, which underwent a major refurbishment last year.

Customers can now use tablet computers at each kiosk to order their food and have it delivered direct to their table, the same as at Headington.

Mr Anilmis added: "The introduction of table service also means our people are in front of the counter, serving customers and helping them navigate our digital menu boards for the first time ever. It's taken our customer service to the next level."

Tablets also allow diners to check out the nutritional information of each meal before they buy.

Once customers have completed their order, they pay by card or contactless.

Business analysts have suggested the fast-food chain has upped its game to try and compete with up-market burger rivals like Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Byron Burger, both of which have outlets in Oxford, alongside local favourite Atomic Burger on Cowley Road.

But despite the competition, McDonalds is still doing something right: the final quarter of 2015 was the firm's biggest-ever quarter for sales in the UK and December was its biggest month.