More than 30,000 parents have signed a petition threatening to pull their children out of school tomorrow in a protest against tougher exams for six and seven-year-olds.

Thousands of parents have signed an online petition by the Let Our Kids Be Kids campaign group pledging to keep their children at home tomorrow instead of taking SATS exams.

In an open letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, published on their website, the Year Two parents behind the campaign said they "represent the voice of parents across the country" who "want an end to SATs now".

They wrote: "Please take a long, hard look at this. Do you want your legacy to be the confident cancellation of unneeded and unnecessary SATS, showing you are listening to your electorate and the teachers you claim to support ... or the overseeing of a shambolic testing regime desperately unwanted by millions of people to the point that this country saw its first open parent revolt?

"You have the power to stop these tests. NOW. Our children, our teachers and our schools deserve better than this."

Tougher assessments for Year 2 primary school children have been introduced this year by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who wants pupils to be more competitive internationally. 

Are you planning on taking your child out of school tomorrow?

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