COUNTRYSIDE campaigners from across Oxfordshire united to protest against "greedy" developers building on rural and greenbelt sites.

Members of a number of different campaign groups staged a protest organised by the Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally (ROAR) outside Woodstock Town Hall on Saturday.

Nearly 100 people bearing banners and placards listened to speeches about the dangers of planned developments on greenbelt sites across the county.

The rally was attended by representatives from groups including Need Not Greed Oxon, Woodstock Action Group, Save Gavray Meadows in Bicester, the Kidlington Development Watch, the Campaign to Save Adderbury, the North Abingdon Local Planning Group and the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Oxfordshire.

Need Not Greed Oxon is a coalition of nearly 30 campaign groups opposed to inappropriate developments across the four corners of the county.

ROAR chairman Peter Jay urged people to unite to oppose building on greenbelt sites and the "development free for all" threatening to "destroy" town and village communities.

The Woodstock town councillor and TV journalist and former British ambassador to the USA, added: "I address you as friends and neighbours, as fellow victims of greedy developers and cynical landlords.

"We are not alone. By uniting against this threat we will be much stronger."

Mr Jay said the building of new houses was being justified by the housing shortage, but insisted the new homes proposed in his town were not the homes people needed.

He added: "What this free for all offers is the wrong houses in the wrong places for the wrong people at the wrong prices.

"What we need is the right homes in the right places for the right people and prices which those who need can afford."

His words were greeted with thunderous applause and cheers from the small crowd gathered outside the town hall in Market Place.

It was the third rally organised by ROAR, after two previous events in Witney and Wantage.

The theme was ‘you are not alone’, with ROAR campaigners hoping to bring together groups across the county dealing with the same issues.

ROAR organiser Lewis Owen said the executive houses proposed on developments across the region will not meet the social or economic need of people.

He added: "We have had enough, my kids, my kid's friends, their friends, what are we going to leave the next generation in terms of their ability to make their way in the world.

"They have the right to want to live, grow and lay down roots in our community - not just exist if they can afford it."

The speakers stressed they were not opposing the building of new homes, but building expensive three, four or five bedroom houses when one or two bedroom affordable homes were needed.

ROAR is trying to unite community groups and residents across the county to make their voices heard.

Speakers urged people to sign up to support the movement by visiting