LITTLE Louise Lamburn celebrated her big-hearted effort to prevent her school from being axed in January 1978.

She went straight to the top, and wrote to the Queen telling her how sad she and her friends would be if her school, Harlow Middle school in Old Marston, had to close.

So she was delighted when her royal plea was answered and she was told the school had been saved.

Louise, 10, said: "My classmates didn't think it would help writing to the Queen, but I was sure it would."

Alongside her letter she sent a 300-strong petition to save the school, signed by every pupil.

Possible plans for the school had included merging it with Northway Middle School, but a committee finally decided against this after nearly two hours of discussion.

On hearing the good news, Louise said: "It's great. I love my school very much and I'm so glad it's staying open."