FIREFIGHTERS were called to a car on fire in Botley this morning.

A fire service spokesman said crews were called about the incident in West Way at 7.49am.

The vehicle, for private hire, was pulled over on a side road of the Eynsham Road junction's with West Way.

Sean Mienie, fire crew watch manager, said the cause was believed to be an electrical fault.

Taxi driver Zigmars Pakalnins, whose vehicle was badly damaged by the blaze, said he had been on his way to work from his home in Pinnocks Way when the car started steaming.

The 29-year-old added: "It was quite scary because the car started filling with smoke from the engine and there was a very bad smell.

"I pulled over, jumped out and got my fire extinguisher. Another driver also stopped to help with his extiguisher but we couldn't deal with it and called 999.

"It had been working fine on Saturday, but now this is game over. Once I saw the flames I just thought 'that is it, it's gone'."