IS it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is superwoman Eileen Naughton, taking on her ninth London Marathon to raise money for Children With Cancer.

Donning her cape for the 26.2 mile route tomorrow, Miss Naughton, who lives in Wessex Road, Didcot, hopes to beat her personal best and top her £15,000 fundraising pot for charity.

The 33-year-old, who works on the trauma ward at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, said she was inspired to run in 2007 after receiving treatments for a blood condition.

She said: "I always had trouble with my blood and I was in the JR having a blood transfusion.

"As it was before the Churchill hospital was built, there were people there having cancer treatments.

"I kept getting better and I thought how awful it must be, especially for children, who were going through those treatments.

"I started fundraising and I've just kept doing it for them ever since.

"I'm donning my cape again for those who can't."

Since taking up the challenge, Miss Naughton has joined the Didcot Runners and improves on her finishing time every marathon.

She said: "In 2007 I finished it in five hours 20 minutes and then last year it was three hours 38 minutes.

"I had really hoped I would finish it in three hours 30 minutes, but I tripped part way round and my knees were so sore.

"I really hope I can do it in that time this year."

For the past eight years, Miss Naughton has raised £15,000 and has already collected £400 for this year.

She said: "I get emails through telling me how my money has been spent and helped families.

"It is wonderful to see the money go on something so important for some people.

"I know recently they have used some of my donations to help house families who struggle to get down here and stay in the area while their child is treated at the hospital."

Miss Naughton will be one of around 38,000 runners who will be lining up at the start line on Sunday, April 24.

She will be joining 1,400 other runners racing on behalf of Children With Cancer.

She added: "It is always very emotional when you cross the finish line.

"I'll have my Mum and Dad come up with me the night before and my brother will be there on the day cheering me on.

"Some of the runners from Didcot Runners who weren't successful in the bid, will be coming up in a minibus to support us, so it should be a really good day."

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