IT IS a heart-warming end to a terribly sad story that a soldier who died fighting the Germans in Normandy has been honoured by the village he liberated.

It was a touching gesture for the village of Estry to pay tribute to Wendlebury farmer Private George Hanks, who lost his life during conflict in August 1944.

Although about 450 soldiers will be honoured by the village, Private Hanks is the first after his family got in touch with the village.

His grandson Paul Harris delved into the letters sent home by Private Hanks, which his mum Rosemary found too painful to ever read.

A wreath laying ceremony was a fitting tribute to a soldier who left his Oxfordshire home and paid the highest price he could to help the Allies secure a foothold in Europe.

Although a thought must be spared for Private Hanks, we should never forget the sacrifice made by all the brave soldiers who have died fighting for peace in conflicts across the globe.