CYCLISTS raised thousands of pounds riding from Wales to Abingdon in tribute to Skye Hall, who loved to ride his bike with his dad.

A team of 18 cyclists from Outdoor Traders Cycling Club in Abingdon pounded their pedals on the 127-mile journey, raising £6,300 for Blue Skye Thinking.

Abingdon couple Andrew and Sally Hall set up the charity to fund research into brain tumours, after their five-year-old son Skye tragically lost his battle in August 2014.

Inspirational Skye had been diagnosed one year before, and died from radio-chemo neurotoxicity as a result of his treatment.

The team rode from Brecon in Wales after a 4am start, heading up and down hillsides and taking it in turns to ride a vintage Pashley bike.

Rider Greg Barnes, 45, said: "I cycle fairly regularly but for anyone 127 miles is a long way.

"It's a long day in the saddle and the Brecon Beacons aren't flat.

"We went about 7,000 feet which without question is a challenge - everyone was quite relieved to get back."

The Sutton Courtenay resident said they only stopped a couple of times, attacking the route in eight hours.

They ended their journey at Breckon and Breckon estate agents in Abingdon's High Street, which Mr Barnes manages.

He added: "There were lots of people there to meet us, it was a great reception.

"It was a really nice welcome back with friends and family and staff from the club."

The team sold raffle tickets in the months running up to the event and plugged their online fundraising page, helped by £2,000 donated by a friend who wished to remain anonymous.

Mr Barnes said: "That was superb. Blue Skye Thinking is very close to one of the guys who rode.

"It's a local charity which does great great work."

He said he was "relieved" to have completed the achievement, adding: "It's taken a huge amount of energy involved in the fundraising and the logistics of getting 20 people up to Wales. It was just nice to do for local people."

Mr Hall, 44, said: "I'm a very keen cyclist myself and Skye had his own bicycle. He helped me put his first bike together - those are the memories that live with us.

"They cycled on the Pashley bike without the modern gears which is an incredible feat and one of the achievements.

"We are delighted they have chosen to support us in their initiatives, they are a really determined group.

"I went and met them to talk about the charity and from there the momentum picked up."

A video on the charity's website shows Skye pedalling around a beachfront on a trike and then watching BMX riders at a park, saying "they're nearly as good as Daddy."

Mr Hall cycled to the Isle of Skye last July in memory of his son.