Graphic designer Daniel Hart has told how he too was left fearing for his safety after months of online abuse from Internet stalker Felicity Jane Lowde.

Last month, Lowde, 41, of Jackson Road, Cutteslowe, was convicted of harassing July 7 bomb survivor Rachel North. She did not go to court and magistrates issued a warrant for her arrest.

Miss North, 36, from London, survived the Piccadilly Line blast and began a web diary - known as a blog - to campaign for an inquiry into the 2005 terrorist attack.

Shortly afterwards, Lowde began posting a series of abusive messages to her, among them an accusation that she was "making a living on the backs of the dead".

Today it emerged that Miss North was not Lowde's only online victim.

Mr Hart, 34, from Cowley, revealed that he has been subjected to 15 months of harassment after he designed graphics for Lowde's blog.

The artist said Lowde had written online that he was a "vindictive stalker" and deliberately used the Google search engine to smear his good name.

Mr Hart has taken on a solicitor to have the offensive material removed from the Internet but the bizarre postings are still largely in place.

Mr Hart said: "This has caused me great mental distress and she has pushed me close to the point of a breakdown.

"My girlfriend has been very supportive about this and I have sought advice from Victim Support.

"Felicity is a case study in madness but her methods are very clear-headed.

"She should be jailed once she is apprehended but the real comfort for me, and lots of others who have also been targeted, would be to have the offensive blogs removed.

"I have spoken to Rachel North about this a number of times and I have a great deal of admiration for her - she is a very strong woman.

"Thames Valley Police have also been very supportive and I know they are doing everything they can."

Lowde was not at her home in Cutteslowe when the Oxford Mail called earlier this week. She declined a request to speak to the Mail, but has maintained her innocence on her blog.

The maximum sentence she could face is six months jail or a £5,000 fine.

Miss North said Lowde continued to bombard her with offensive emails after she was convicted last month.

She added: "Daniel is one of her numerous victims - I believe she is upsetting dozens of people.

"She has a long history of doing this type of thing. They could be men or women and there is often no rhyme or reason to it."

Thames Valley Police spokesman James Clements said: "We received a complaint in July 2006 from Mr Hart but no further action was taken due to inconclusive evidence at the time.

"If new evidence comes to light and a follow-up complaint is made, then we will investigate it."