AUTOCORRECK and Instayam are among the latest words to be added to the Oxford dictionary.

Oxford University Press has said the most recent update is based heavily on social media with words such as 'Instayam' meaning Thanksgiving pictures being shared on Instagram.

Other words include 'autocorreck' when text contains mistakes by means of an autocorrect, 'social fleedia' for when somebody closes their media accounts and 'LOYO' as an abbreviation for laughing on your own.

The verb to 'Leo' has also crept its way into the updates as a term for achieving something after years of trying - inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio's successful Oscar win this year.

Oxford Dictionaries lexicographer Richard Snary said: "Social media continues to be a vital and constantly evolving catalyst for linguistic innovation.

"We are recognizing this with words which specifically reference these sites, such as Instayam, fanishment, and social fleedia, but Twitter also accounts for much of our corpus data for Obamacar, LOYO, and the verb to Leo.

"In two of these examples, we are seeing how the creation and sharing of memes relating to a specific public figure can quickly gain traction and help a coinage enter the language – and our language monitoring programme is uniquely placed to observe and record these changes.”

There has been 10 new additions including autocorreck, parrotocracy, reply-gall, Instayam, Leo, fanishment, otter cafe, Obamacar, LOYO and social fleedia.