A SUNKISSED lion peering through blades of grass and flowering buds is turning heads of passers-by through Magdalen Road.

Street artist Luke Hollingworth showered a rainbow of colours across the East Oxford street wall after a three-day spray-painting spree last month.

The 39-year-old, who paints under the name Syd, travelled from his Wiltshire home to decorate the wall on the corner of Catherine Street.

Mr Hollingworth was joined on the escapade by father-in-law Dave Radcliffe, who joined the spray-painting fun despite being in his mid-70s.

He added: "It was a really good experience, fantastic really. We are the most unlikely team of street artists but it's not what you look like, it's what you paint."

The artist blasted oranges, yellows, creams, greens and browns across the shop wall, getting through about £250 worth of paint and about 30 cans.

Mr Hollingworth, who is father to three-year-old Daisy, said he was struck by the generosity of Oxford residents, who were more than happy to lend a supporting hand.

He added: "Passers-by were giving us food and cakes and making us cups of tea and bringing it out. Kids were roaring at the lion when we were painting it."

Mr Hollingworth, who signs all of his works of art with 'The Stencil Shed' which is where he is based, appeared on Channel 4's Amazing spaces in 2014.

He is now on the search for more blank canvases across Oxford where he can unleash his creative flair.

To get in contact see thestencilshed.co.uk