CHILDREN and their families learnt about the wonders of the animal kingdom at Oxford's Story Museum.

Visitors on Saturday enjoyed an "Amazing Animals" exhibition from education group Science Oxford.

And to mark Disabled Access Day, the museum also hosted an interactive "sensory story session" like the one pictured here.

Museum deputy front of house manager Lydia Dixon said: "We had lots of fun, and the children all seemed to enjoy it.

"We gave out information before the day and parents said it was very helpful to let the children know what to expect.

"During the story time we encouraged them to feel and look at different objects as well, like grass and snow.

"It allows them to get more immersed in the content and different elements of the story."

It is the second year in a row the museum has held a disabled access day.

The national day itself encourages people with physical and mental disabilities to try something new, such as going to a sports event or restaurant.

Last year it was held in January, but was moved to March 12 after feedback about the effect of cold weather at the start of the year.