VOICES will come together in harmony tonight at a concert to raise funds for the charity created by the inspirational Skye Hall.

The Abingdon School's chapel will host an evening of classical music called Light in Darkness featuring a piece composed by economics and business teacher Ben Ponniah in memory of the five-year-old.

Skye, of Abingdon, died in August 2014 as a result of radio-chemo neurotoxicity, having battled a brain tumour for a year.

Mr Ponniah, who teaches at the Abingdon School with Skye's father Andrew, 43, said the piece called When David Heard was created for people to remember him.

The father-of-one, who composes music as a hobby, added: "I was very affected by the death of Skye and it was an emotional response to write this piece.

"Many colleagues have raised money through sporting and dancing ventures, but as I am a composer of choral music I wanted to contribute in this way.

"There will be a few performances of classical singing and two organ pieces and we hope the chapel will be filled out.

"I felt for the family deeply when Skye died.

"The charity is a very worthwhile cause and since recently becoming a father, I have become even more interested in the work of Blue Skye Thinking."

The concert starts at 8pm and is free. Money will be raised through donations on the night.

Skye's mother Sally Hall, 37, urged any classical music lover to attend.

She said: "Music brings out our inner most emotions so we are so touched that Ben felt inspired by Skye and has the talent to have expressed his feelings through music.

"I used to take Skye to a number of concerts at Abingdon School when we lived on site. The richness of ability and talent from both teachers and pupils alike is incredible."

Blue Skye Thinking was launched to fund research into alternative treatments for childhood cancers.

Since then, the five-year-old’s parents have campaigned tirelessly to raise money.

To donate visit: www.blueskyethinking.org/donate