A MOTHER-OF-TWO was left shaken after a deer hunting accident saw a bullet shoot through her window and spray shattered glass across her living room floor.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, was putting on laundry when she heard a loud "snapping" sound coming from the other room of her house in Woodstock.

Alarmed, she instinctively checked on her two-year-old son in the kitchen before trying to discover that had caused the noise.

She said: "I heard a really loud snapping and cracking sound. I went into the living room and there was glass all over the place. My living room is about 20 feet long but glass was covering about 17 feet of the room."

She immediately called the police, who soon linked the incident to deer hunting in the area – a bullet from a rifle was also found on the living room floor.

She added: "The scary thing is I normally have about six toddlers in the living room on Thursday for a play date, but they didn't come this time as both my sons have been ill."

The stay at home mum lives in near Marlborough School in Woodstock with her husband and two sons. 

She said: "I'm American and I would expect this in American but not Woodstock. My son could have been out there playing. This is not something I would expect in this neighbourhood."

She added her other son's drum kit was right next to the window and he was thankfully not practising at the time despite having his exam next week.

Moments after the incident, she called her mother-in-law who came to help.

The mother-in-law said: "This was such an irresponsible act. This is a residential area in Woodstock, there is a footpath behind the house. The window completely shattered. The toddler could have easily been in the living room.

"This should not be allowed. My daughter-in-law is very shaken and has been working on getting the house secure."

A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police Hannah Jones said officers were called at about 12.10pm on Thursday to the house and carried out a search in the area.

She said: "A man was located and informed police that he had been shooting deer on adjacent land.

"It is believed that one of the shots may have ricocheted in to a pane of glass on the door. The man and victim exchanged details. No offences took place and no further police action was required."