CHEERS erupted throughout a Witney primary school earlier today, as their new library revved its way through the playground.

Excited pupils and teachers at Tower Hill Primary School gathered outside this afternoon to eagerly wait for their new present to arrive, an old bus converted into a two-storey library.

Chairman of governors at Tower Hill and bus driver Andrew Coles said he was thrilled with the facility.

He drove it into the playground himself, beeping the horn as the children cheered.

He said: "Stagecoach donated the bus and we converted it. We're thrilled and relieved. It's so brilliant.

"Children have been running up to us all day asking if they can go inside when it arrives."

Pupils have been without a proper library since September, after the school needed more room to provide more nursery places for two-year-olds.

But after the Easter holidays, when all the books have been stacked into their new shelves, they will finally have a permanent place they can sit and read.

Six-year-old pupil at Tower Hill Lucy Dale said she could not wait to have a first peek in the library.

She said: "I'm excited. I want to go upstairs first. My favourite books are stories about animals."

Witney operations manager at Stagecoach Trevor Bayliss added: "Buses come to the end of their natural lives. They work harder than cars, going out every single day. It's lovely to put it to use for the children here."