ALL of our children deserve the best start in life and a good education is absolutely critical to ensuring that is the case.

There can be no excuses for schools which fail our youngsters, whether through poor teaching, low standards of behaviour or below-par facilities.

But while school standards body Ofsted no doubt has children's best interests at heart in trying to enforce high standards, it seems inspectors are increasingly out of touch with reality.

West Kidlington Primary School's inadequate rating has been criticised by parents, who clearly feel their children are getting a perfectly good education.

It comes after staff and governors at Rose Hill Primary School felt they were harshly treated by inspectors.

On that occasion Oxford East MP Andrew Smith went so far as to write to Ofsted to raise concerns.

Just weeks later parents at Chipping Norton School rallied around after it too was handed a critical report from Ofsted.

While there is no question schools should be criticised where they are falling short, the difference of opinion between Ofsted and parents –who know the school better than inspectors – in recent months is startling.

Our schools need all the help and support they can get and to see parents backing them in such a way is to be lauded.

But that must be backed with support from the authorities, rather than what seems like relentless criticism which only causes more problems.