A CHEMISTRY student who suffered years of depression chose to take his own life in a place he found peaceful and tranquil, an inquest heard this morning.

Razza-Ul-Mustafa Hameed, also known as Razza, was found dead in his car by a dog walker on the morning of Sunday, September 20 2015.

The 28-year-old Didcot man had driven to Foxglove Lane in West Hagbourne during the early hours of the morning, following his mother's birthday meal the previous night.

He committed suicide in his car, leaving notes of apology to his family and the police.

Mr Hameed's sister Sadia said in a report read out at the inquest: "Razza was very popular and had lots of friends.

"He had been depressed for most of his life. I know he tried to commit suicide a few times with tablets.

"I did not attend my mother's birthday but I know my brother did not eat much. My other brother took pictures that night but Razza looked really unhappy in them.

"I've been to the place Razza was found. I know it well. We went there if he wanted to talk. He liked it as it was a peaceful place."

Mr Hameed had a history of recurring depression, which led him to miss several months of his chemistry degree at the University of Hull.

On visiting his doctor he declined anti-depressants as he had used them before and felt they had no effect on him.

His doctor Jonathan Soul said Mr Hameed also claimed he had been hearing a male voice inside his head, and was anxious about an upcoming court appearance related to conspiring to supply Class A drugs.

He was found by Ronald Streeter, who was walking down Foxglove Lane on the Sunday morning, to buy a newspaper.

In a statement read out at the inquest Mr Streeter said: "I thought someone could be sleeping in the car, as I got closer I saw a man slumped over in the passenger seat. All the doors and windows were closed."

Mr Streeter said he saw a note on the dashboard of the car, which said "please call 999".

Assistant coroner at Oxford Coroner's Court Jeremy Chipperfield said apology notes for his family were found, expressing his love.

In his letters he said he was "truly sorry" but he "couldn't go on". He also left a note for the officer who had found him, saying he was sorry the officer "had to do this".

Mr Chipperfield said to Mr Hameed's family: "He drove to Foxglove Lane where he found to be tranquil and where he found peace in the past.

"The place that he chose places no doubt that he intended to take his own life. I'm very sorry for your loss."

He recorded a verdict of suicide.