TV HISTORIAN Michael Wood waxed lyrical about the works of Shakespeare to guests at Bloxham School.

The broadcaster was speaking as part of the Bloxham Festival of Faith and Literature, which was being held for the fourth time.

This year the festival also welcomed novelist Salley Vickers and retired judge Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss.

The three-day event, which finished on Sunday, was the idea of former Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry.

Festival director Sarah Meyrick said: “We had a really good weekend, with more visitors than ever before. “Someone said to me that the festival had come of age, which feels like a real compliment.

“Our thanks to Sir Tony, whose idea it was in the first place, and all our volunteers in Bloxham who made it happen.”

For his talk on Friday, Mr Wood – who presents The History of China on BBC Two – also discussed the family of the great writer.

He was joined by Shakespeare expert Professor Stanley Wells, honorary president of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

The day’s activities were split into hour-long sessions with guests talking about the writer’s work.