A DOCUMENTARY film about an Iron Age bronze mirror dug up in Didcot has won an award in India.

The film, More Than a Mirror, won the Non-Fiction category at the Aahān 2016’s International Short Film Event in Mumbai, India.

The documentary by Banbury filmmaker Sharon Woodward shows how staff at the Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock analysed the 2,000-year-old mirror which has been on display since December.

The museum had to raise £33,000 by September last year, with grants and donations from the public, to prevent it being sold abroad.

Chairman of the friends of the Oxfordshire Museum Trevor Hendy, said the award showed the significance of the object to the county.

He added: “This is one of our most successful objects in terms of its rarity and the speed in which the money was raised to keep it in Oxfordshire.

“It’s great the documentary has won an award. The mirror within the museum is certainly one of the top acquisitions.

“With it being found in Didcot, I do think it would have travelled outside the county in its lifetime, which fits in well with the museum.

“It’s great that it continues to be based here in Oxfordshire.”

The eight-and-a-half minute documentary showed the research on the mirror, which involved taking a small sample to analyse.

Using a sample from another mirror found in Bedfordshire, researchers found they had probably been made in the same place at the same time and from the same molten bronze.

Ms Woodward said: “It was amazing to see the mirror up close and watch the experts take a sample of it to analyse.

“It’s fantastic that it won an award. Volunteers at the museum worked so hard on researching the mirror and it’s great for the community that they have won.”

The mirror was found by a metal detectorist in a field near Didcot in 2006.