A HEAVILY-PREGNANT deer was left fighting for its life after being attacked by a dog in an Oxford nature reserve.

The gruesome incident happened at Aston’s Eyot wildlife reserve, a 30-acre patch of land next to Christ Church meadows, on Tuesday.

Daisy Simonet, from Donnington, was walking through the reserve tracking rabbits with her young sons when she saw the attack and tried to save the deer.

The 27-year-old, a volunteer at Donnington Doorstep Family Centre, said: “It was very upsetting, my boys are only four and five. Even I was upset.

“I covered the deer with my body so the dog couldn’t get back at her.”

Another man – not the dog’s owner – helped to split the pair up but the deer was bleeding badly from the neck and unable to walk. Ms Simonet said the dog finally got bored and she took her children away as the man was planning to put the deer down.

Co-chairman of Friends of Aston’s Eyot, Anthony Cheke, said it was a rare and unfortunate incident.

He said: “I have been emailing around to see if anyone recognises the dog.

“Dogs must be kept under control at all times and this one was most definitely not. The owner may even be unaware.”