MORE should be done to help car share schemes around Oxford get spaces either off or on the road, a Headington Car Club member has said.

After more than a year’s delay the Headington group, run by national social enterprise Co-wheels, was given permission for two new bays in All Saints Road and Sandfield Road.

In March 2015, the Headington group applied to the county council for two new parking spaces in All Saints Road and Sandfield Road.

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Despite a recommendation of approval from officers, a decision was deferred in October to look into the possibility of off-road bays in pubs or business car parks.

On Thursday, David Nimmo Smith, Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for transport heard no off-street spaces had yet been found.

Mr Nimmo Smith said: “I like the possibility of having as many parking spaces as possible.

“But in the absence of anything coming forward, I am going to go with the recommendations of the officer and we will have the spaces on the road.”

Car club member Charles Young, 71, said: “I am pleased that the council have allowed those two specific parking spaces, but I got the impression that this was because it was difficult to provide off-road spaces rather than on-road ones.”

He said that car clubs across Oxford faced a time-bomb to get spaces secured while there was still interest, adding: “There is a ‘sweet spot’ in Oxford at the moment because there are lots of people wanting to join.

“But if they’re not getting parking spaces there is a risk they will miss this opportunity.”

The Headington Car Club is currently used by about 100 people, sharing just five cars in the area with the aim of reducing emissions and freeing up parking space.

Across Oxford the figure climbs to more than 560 people. According to the Co-wheels website there are 27 cars available for use in Oxford.

Co-wheels regional manager Ellie Grebenik said each car added to the fleet directly resulted in five private cars being taken off the road as people sell up and join.

She added: “East Oxford and Headington have fantastic public transport and local amenities so most people don’t actually need to use private cars on a daily basis.

“We are requesting on-street bays in Oxford because having them accessible to residents is essential.”