A UNIVERSITY of Oxford college has rejected calls to rename a room named after Cecil Rhodes.

It came after donors threatened to withdraw their financial support because students were trying to "erase history" - according to the Telegraph.

It is believed that Sir Ivor Crew, provost at University College, told the president of the Junior Common Room that it was keeping the name so as not to be seen supporting the Rhodes Must Fall campaign.

The followed a motion by the JCR to rename the room "Rhodes Scholars Computing room" following a failed petition to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College.

The motion resolved to "publicly announce [the Common Room's] opposition to the Rhodes Must Fall campaign, and any form of politically motivated iconoclasm in the university and its constituent colleges".

But it is reported that Sir Ivor told students this week that it was unlikely the name would change as it was in honour of the Rhodes scholars and not Rhodes himself.

News of the Rhodes room's name change remains the same following the university's campaign to remove the statue of the colonialist politician because of his views on other races.

Many students had previously argued that the removal of the statute would be part of a wider campaign to broaden the university's curriculum and to include the views of minorities.