Football superstars are not normally spotted outside chip shops in Oxford, but is this photo proof that David Beckham is an exception? 

It appeared the former Manchester United midfielder and England captain was snapped outside Barton Chippy in Underhill Circus as he took part in a photoshoot for men's magazine GQ.

He was said to have spent about 15 minutes outside the shop before being whisked away by a chauffeur.

Tracy O'Malley, who works for Civicare in Underhill Circus, popped out to the shops when she came across Beckham.

The 47-year-old mum-of-three said: "He spoke to an elderly gentleman as he went away.

"He gave me a cuddle and a kiss on the cheek and he was very smiley and polite.

"Nothing was a problem for him.

"I was not a David Beckham fan before today but I am now.

"I had never realised how handsome he was."

It has been confirmed that the former England captain had visited The Lamb pub in Crawley, near Witney, reportedly as part of a photoshoot for a men's fashion magazine.

Barton Chippy owner Ali said: "I saw him through the window and we exchanged a little smile and a wave but that was about it.

"He didn’t have much security with him but I didn’t get a chance to chat with him.

"All I can say is that I admire him is a player and it was really great to have him here outside the shop.

"Who knows, the chippy might even make it into the back of the photoshoot."

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