PAMPERED pets were feline purr-fect as they put their best paw forward for the first Burmese Cat Association show.

The group held the gathering at the Ardley with Fewcott Village Hall, attracting more than 60 entrants.

They were all variants of the Burmese cat, whose characteristics are a smooth coat – which comes in shades of grey, brown and yellow – and large eyes.

Among them was Papagena Carys, brought along by former Lord Mayor of Oxford Lady Patsy Yardley.

The first half of the cat's name is one given to all of those bred by the Yardley family.

Lady Yardley, who has been breeding Burmese cats since the 1970s, said: "Papagena was a minor character in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, it's my prefix.

"She did very well, although I was just stewarding for my daughter."

Papagena Carys is an 'Imperial Grand Champion', a title meaning she has been given five 'imperial challenge' certificates by five different judges.

Event organiser Alison Southcombe said the show, the first of its kind held by the Burmese Cat Association, had been a "big success".

The group formed in 2011 and has gained recognition from the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, a cat registry for breeders, which licenses competitions.

Ms Southcombe said: "For our first championship show, it has been really well-attended.

"What I like about Burmese cats is they do not think they are cats, they think they are people.

"They all have really strong personalities."