EXECUTIONERS and 16th Century royalty were the inspiration for these ye-olde schoolboys.

Little kings bedecked themselves with ruffles and headdresses before setting off on a trip to Sulgrave Manor in Banbury.

Year 4 pupils at Magdalen College Junior School in Cowley Place wore the outfits all day during their historic trip.

Sabre Supple, eight, who dressed as King Henry VIII, said: “I wanted to be royal. My mum just happened to have made this costume. I quite like being addressed as ‘Your Majesty’ and I’ll probably have someone’s head chopped off later on.”

Eight-year-old David Tenovici dressed as the executioner.

The boys toured the Tudor manor and found out how the previous owners lived centuries ago. They learned old dances and songs and enjoyed typical games of the era such as ‘Put and Take’.