Two masked men, one with a firearm, robbed a Headington bank this morning before fleeing in a white BMW.

The pair entered Lloyds Bank in London Road at about 10.30am wearing balaclavas.

They demanded cash before running off towards Stephen Road.

Poice believe they then made off in a white BMW 1 series car.

The police helicopter was mobilised to try to trace the robbers but it is believed they are still at large.

The first robber was described as white, 5ft 7ins and slim.

He was wearing a blue boiler suit and his face was covered.

The second robber was black, 6ft 2ins and was also wearing a blue boiler suit and had his face covered.

Both men are believed to be in their 20s.

Dominic Macialek had been visiting the bank for an appointment when the raid took place.

The 23-year-old from Barton said he had been in the back office having had an appointment, but when he came out the staff were crying and visibly upset.

Mr Macialek told the Oxford Mail he must have missed the masked robbers fleeing the scene by seconds.

He said: “We came out and the manager was phoning the police.

“The ladies were all crying and very emotional. There were tears running down their faces.”

While waiting for the police to arrive Mr Macialek heard staff say that the two men had come in wearing black balaclavas, demanded the cash from behind the desks then fled down towards the lane in Stephen Street, next to the bank.

He said: “One guy in the bank chased them out, but they jumped over some fences and through the gardens.

“They were masked, one was black, one was white, in their 20s. One had a gun, but I’m not sure if it was a replica or not.

“They gave them the money and they ran off.”

Mr Macialek said he did not know what he would have done if he had been in the bank at the time of the robbery.

He added: “I could have been a part of it, I don’t know, I’ve never been in that situation."

It is unclear at this stage how much money was taken.

The bank was closed with a police cordon guarded by officers outside before it shut for the day at 1pm.

A spokeswoman from Lloyds Banking group said the matter was now with the police and refused to comment any further.

Oxford Mail:

Investigating officer Det Sgt Parsons from Force CID based in Oxford, said: “This was a frightening crime which took place in broad daylight on a Saturday morning. Although no one was injured, staff and customers are obviously shocked by the experience.

“ I would ask anyone with information to get in touch immediately. Let us know if you saw anyone acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the bank or saw a white BMW in the area shortly before or afterwards. Call 101 with information no matter how minor the detail may appear."

Customer Julien Boucher, 56 from Barton, came to the bank at about 12.30pm to deposit some cash.

He said he was surprised the robbers tried to rob the bank at the corner of London Road and Stephen Road in during the daytime.

He added: "When I arrived and saw the police I thought it was maybe just security, I was not aware the bank was closed.

"I am very surprised because 10.30am is daylight, people are working in the bank.

"You'd think someone who wanted to steal something would do it at a less conspicuous time. They're not very clever robbers."

It comes almost exactly three years since the same bank, then Lloyds TSB, was raided by two armed men.