A mother carrying a baby on her bike was among more than 90 cyclists caught jumping red lights yesterday at the scene of a fatal accident in Oxford.

Police said they were handing out fines 'like confetti' after 93 cyclists were given £30 fixed penalty fines for running red lights in Broad Street and Parks Road, where student cyclist Tsz Fok was killed last month.

Halfway through the stop-check, officers ran out of penalty tickets because so many had been caught ignoring the lights and at one stage cyclists were queuing to receive their fines and warnings from officers.

Pc Steven Higa said some of the cyclists fined were wearing earphones or texting on their mobile phones at the time.

He added: "Horrifyingly one lady with a baby on the rear of her bike rode through a red light."

Plain clothes officers waited at the traffic lights on the junction of Catte Street, Holywell Street, Broad Street and Parks Road, and at red lights on Parks Road, between 8.30am and 11.30am.

When cyclists were spotted going through red lights, officers radioed ahead to colleagues who pulled riders over, fined them £30, and gave verbal warnings and advice on road safety.

In just three hours, 25 cyclists were fined at the Broad Street junction, and 68 for going through the red lights on Parks Road, just under one every two minutes.

The total amount of fines handed out to cyclists was £2,790.

Pc Higa said a majority of the cyclists stopped said they were late and had been rushing.

He added: "I'm astonished and shocked at the result. We will now be at more locations at different areas in the city centre.

"People make a choice. That choice is 'do I stop at the lights and lose a couple of seconds, or do I go through the red lights and save a couple of seconds?' "At the end of the day, if you go through the lights and have a collision you can end up losing more than just a few seconds.

"We didn't envisage stopping so many. We thought it would be about 40. When it became clear the number of tickets we had were insufficient, we had to send back to get more. We were giving them out like confetti."

Third year engineering student Tsz Fok, 21, died after he was crushed by a lorry at the Broad Street junction in April. Pc Higa said yesterday's stop-check did not imply the student had run a red light.

After yesterday's stop-check many cyclists said they supported the fines.

Ido Isrealowich, 35, a student at Wadham College, said: "As painful as it might be, people should be fined because it is dangerous. I try not to go through red lights but I'm not the Pope."

Leo Hoole, 27, of Marston, said: "It's a good idea, there was an accident here, and getting a ticket certainly makes you think."

Paul Gee, 20, of Wadham College, said: "I would have to say I occasionally go through red lights on pedestrian crossings but I try not to."