A CONTROVERSIAL planning document was adopted by councillors this morning, spurring campaigners into action.

Speaking before the cabinet meeting, Dr Mary Gill, co chair of the West Way Community Concern group said: "If it gets approval we will look to challenge it as much as our powers will let us."

The SPD for the Botley Centre was meant to be a guidance document which would provide the framework for any future planning applications in the area.

It sets out a study area which includes Elms Parade and Field House, and would mean either could be built on, by future developers or could be included in the new Mace application.

Dr Gill added: "There's now no protection for these vulnerable people.

"This was one of the reasons why we fought the original Doric application for west way to stop them building on Elms parade and Field Hpuse, where 100 residents live.

"People forget that Doric and Mace are the same company.

"They can now push their application through and then quite possibly go on to take more."

The document was voted for unanimously by the Vale of White Horse District Council's cabinet.

It is expected the developers of West Way, Mace, will submit a formal planning application in a matter of weeks.