A MOTHER who has relied on Oxford Children’s Hospital to look after her two sons has signed up for the Oxford Mail’s OX5 Run to give something back.

Lisa Stride-Purves has been back and forth to the hospital over the past seven years with Isaac, four and Ethan, eight.

Isaac has regularly visited since 2013 as doctors have tried to diagnose his neurological condition.

His symptoms include paralysis of the right-hand side of his face, a stammer and mobility problems, with his legs often buckling without warning.

Mrs Stride-Purves, from Grove, said it was most likely a rare genetic condition and Isaac was now part of the “100,000 Genomes Project”, which is analysing DNA structures to try to diagnose rare diseases.

The 33-year-old said: “It’s on- going, he has recently started speech therapy for a stammer and he has mobility problems affecting his balance.

“He also has a problem overfilling his mouth as he has lowered sensation in his mouth.”

The single mum also praised the hospital staff who have helped Ethan, who has Asperger’s syndrome.

The full-time carer said: “I have had great support from my family and friends and my faith in God has helped me out too.

“But the majority of appointments I have gone on my own with the boys and it is scary being hit with a lot of medical information and news about your children’s health. The staff at the hospital have been so amazing, the nurses, the consultants and the play specialists are all very caring and really thoughtful.”

The former civil servant said she was running to raise money to give something back.

She said: “The staff are very attentive and have been a great support to me and it’s why I am running the OX5 this year.

“It’s a second home to us and I really want to do something to say thank you.

“I hope that by doing this small, simple thing it will give something back to their extremely valuable and services and support.

She added: “It’s such a special cause that does so much for so many people and it’s important we raise money for it.”

Mrs Stride-Purves has assembled a team of friends – most of whom have also spent time at the hospital on the John Radcliffe site – to tackle the five-mile Blenheim Palace run on Sunday, April 17.

Director of fundraising Jayne Ozanne said: “Looking after two boys with complex conditions can’t be easy, so we are delighted that Lisa has signed up for the OX5 Run and really hope her story will inspire others to take up the challenge.

“There’s no doubt that she will also make her sons Ethan and Isaac very proud.”

* The OX5 Run is being sponsored by recruitment firm Allen Associates for the eighth year.

* Last year’s event raised £106,000 for the hospital and the run, now in its 14th year, has chalked up more than £850,000.

* The money is used to fund medical equipment and other aspects of children’s care, such as play specialists, nurses and toys and games.

* You can sign up online by going to hospitalcharity.co.uk/ox5run