Weather in Oxford and Oxfordshire appears to be calming after a tumultuous weekend.

According to Met Office forecasters downpours are expected between 1am and 4am, and then again between 2pm and 6pm, but the rest of the day should be dry with highs of 7C.

There are still nine flood alerts in place across Oxfordshire covering the river Cherwell, the Thames, Evenlode and Windrush.

Environment Agency spokeswoman Hayley Willoughby said: "River levels are quite high, particularly around the Thames.

"But this is to be expected and we expect no property flooding tonight or tomorrow. There are no big concerns for property flooding.

"Waters might rise slightly over the next few days but this is unlikely to bring it up to flood warning level."

For a family in Headington Quarry there will be little comfort in the news after a massive landslide, thought to be caused by heavy rain, took place in their back garden this morning.

BT worker Clive Jones, 51, and nursery worker Melanie Jones, 44, were woken at 7am by an "almighty rumble" outside.

Mr Jones said: "We leapt up out of bed; my wife ran downstairs and came back in and was frantic.

"The outside of our close is actually the old stone quarry walls. There have been rumblings in the past and a small problem with neighbours but ours has always seemed very solid."

The family have lived in Coppock Close without issue since 1991. Mr Jones added: "We are used to dust and leaves, but half the wall has given way with the amount of rain, water and wind recently.

"My 10-year-old daughter is out there on a daily basis with her roller skates. What if something had happened to her?"

According to the Environment Agency, river levels in Oxford are reasonably high but within the normal range.

The Thames at Sandford-on-Thames is at 0.07 metres and at 0.08 at Iffley Lock.

The Cherwell at Kings Mill is relatively high at 1.92 metres, but does not hit the 'flooding possible' range until it reaches 2.07 metres or more.

But at Thrupp, near Kidlington, the Cherwell river level is within the 'flooding possible' range at 2.16 metres after minor flooding in Kidlington on Saturday.

Overnight rainfall on Friday night saw a collapsed sewer pipe overflow in Kidlington and fire crews had to spend Saturday pumping water away from people's home. 

Rail service for the Monday morning commute so far are set to run as normal.