A HUSBAND and wife have launched an online appeal urging people to help find their missing wedding ring.

Michelle Sutton lost her ring after going to a fitness class at the LucyPole dance studio, in Crawley, near Witney, on December 23.

She took the ring off during the session for safety reasons and put it in her bag, but realised it was missing the next day.

Now Mrs Sutton, along with her husband Paul, have posted online to try and find the ring. Their appeal was shared by over 1,000 people in less than 24 hours.

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Mrs Sutton, 39, said: “After the session I picked up my bag, walked out and across the car park to my car, before driving home.

“It was when I woke up on Christmas Eve that I thought something was wrong, and I found a hole in the bottom of the bag where the ring must have fallen out.”

The ring has been described as a platinum band, with six diamonds on the outside.

The couple, of Bampton, met 11 years ago while working at the same marketing firm, and got married seven years ago in a Scottish castle.

They have three children; Izzy, six, Daniel, three, and April, two.

Mrs Sutton added: “The ring was really precious to me. Paul has said he’ll replace it but it won’t be the same – it won’t be the ring I wore on my wedding day.

“Everyone has been kind and helpful towards us – lots of people have been tweeting and sharing our story online.”

Since the ring was lost those working at the Crawley Mill Industrial Estate, where the dance studio is based, have helped the search helped to search the area for the precious band.

They were joined by Rich Hikins, manager of Witney technology shop iRepairTech, where Mrs Sutton works, also went over the area with a metal detector, who spent part of his Christmas holiday searching the ground with a metal detector.

The couple added there may be a reward for anyone who finds the ring. If you believe you have found it call the newsroom on 01865 425433.