VOLUNTEERS at the first ever Barton Christmas Day lunch have encouraged people to come and along and dig in to turkey with all the trimmings. 

Only a dozen people have turned up to the event at Barton Neighbourhood Centre in Underhill Circus, but there is food for more than 100. 

As well as 40 cooked turkeys there are dozens of bags of excess food from supermarkets available for people to take home. 

The event is being run by volunteers from Oxford Food Bank and Oxford Food Surplus Cafe. 

Food bank volunteer Nicholas Boisset said: "If people want to come along they should do so. 

"Although a few people have turned up it has been really quiet and we want to get people to come along and spend Christmas with us. 

"The non-cooked food we will be able to distribute through the neighbourhood centre and the food bank. 

"But I do not know what we will do with the cooked food so people should come on down and eat it."

The event runs until 3.30pm.