A GAMESHOW contestant from St Clement’s has lived up to his name and proved victorious in the latest series of TV word game Countdown.

Jonathan Wynn, 29, fought a hard final as he went head to head with numbers expert Matthew Tassier but in today’s episode came out Champion of the Channel 4 series.

The maths teacher, at Kings International School which has bases in the city centre and Cowley,  had previously won eight rounds of the iconic Channel 4 show to qualify for the Champion of Champions series battle.

He said: “I was just happy to make the final, so once I got to the final I was more relaxed – possibly a bit too relaxed and ended up going behind for the first time in my run.

“The finals were filmed at the end of October so I have had to keep it a secret which has not been easy.

“It was definitely difficult but I am really happy to win it as it is something I have always wanted to do.”

Mr Wynn has watched the show since a youngster at the age of 13 and now will have his name on the Richard Whiteley memorial trophy.

Then joining the famed prize teapot he won for winning eight rounds of the TV word game, he now has been presented a Macbook Air, glass trophy and 20 leather-bound dictionaries which he looks forward to keeping as a memento.