A DRONE suspected of smuggling drugs to prisoners crashed at Bullingdon Prison near Bicester last week.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed that an unmanned aerial drone was intercepted by staff at HMP Bullingdon on Tuesday.

It was reported in a national newspaper that the drone was carrying “super-strength” herbal cannabis to the prisoners for Christmas.

Prison Service spokeswoman Rebecca Gough stressed that no contraband made it inside the prison, but warned people that smuggling packages into prison carried a two-year jail sentence.

She said: “Staff at HMP Bullingdon intercepted a drone carrying contraband on Tuesday. No illicit material got into the prison as a result of this incident and the police are investigating.

“Incidents involving drones are rare, but we remain constantly vigilant to all new threats to prison security.

“We have also introduced tough new laws meaning those who smuggle packages over prison walls face up to two years in prison.”

Earlier this year an internal report by the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) claimed alcohol and drug use was an “increasing issue” amongst staff members at Bullingdon.