PARENTS blasted two radio presenters who claimed that Father Christmas was not real live on air.

Radio DJs Trevor Marshall and Caroline Verdon made the controversial statement during a late-night show on JACKfm Oxfordshire. 

The programme was advertised on Facebook as an "adults only show" that was going to "tell the truth" and ran from 10pm to midnight.

The broadcasting duo discussed Santa for two hours on their show and said Father Christmas was "a lie we tell to our kids and then we expect them to always tell the truth".

But one mum contacted the programme and said she was furious at the presenters because her daughter had been listening.

She added: "I am absolutely furious. 

"I was wrapping Christmas presents with my seven-year-old daughter when I heard them announce that he didn't exist.

"I dashed to turn my radio off but it was too late. The damage had been done."

Other parents were also upset and referred to the magic of believing in Father Christmas as one of the rights of childhood.

But some callers did side with the presenters and one said: "We tell our children that Father Christmas is just a story. 

"We don't want them to be scared about a strange man coming into their house. It just isn't healthy."

The controversial comments come only a year after the presenters raised eyebrows by asking listeners to vote on the fate of two live turkeys. 

Defending his programme, Mr Marshall said: "We took every precaution possible to make sure children weren't listening."

Ms Verdon added: "It's something we talk about with our friends and family every year- why not talk about it on the radio? It's real life."

JACKfm bosses have also defended the Thursday night show's topic by saying young children should have been in bed by the time it aired.

Programme controller Tim Parker told MailOnline: "It was not our intention to offend anyone or ruin the magic of Christmas. The show was purposefully broadcast late at night from 10pm-midnight when small children would have been in bed.

"Throughout the two hours parents were clearly told to make sure children were not listening."