A DIRECTOR of Oxford City FC has resigned due to "ill health", the club has announced.

Thomas Guerriero stepped down from his post with Oxford City (Trading) Ltd on Wednesday, December 9, the club has revealed, stating he had been "seriously unwell for several months" and had recently undergone  "repeated surgery".

It comes after it emerged 39-year-old Guerriero had been charged in the USA over his alleged role in a $6.6m telemarketing fraud. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday announced fraud charges and a court-ordered asset freeze obtained against a company using the name 'Oxford City Football Club Inc' in America. 

CEO of the Florida-based firm, which is separate to the UK club, Guerriero faced charges after his company allegedly used false claims about sports facilities, real estate holdings and share dividends to defraud more than 150 people, the US Department of Justice said. 

Spokesman for the UK-based Oxford City FC Colin Taylor said last night: "Thomas Guerriero resigned as a director of Oxford City (Trading) Ltd on Wednesday, December 9, due to continuing concerns about his health. 

"Since his appointment to the board in March 2013 Mr Guerriero has worked tirelessly bringing sponsorship to the club. He has been seriously unwell for several months and has recently endured repeated surgery."