PARENTS are calling for tougher safety measures at a crossing in West Way after a four-year-old girl was hit by a car.

The pupil from Botley School suffered fractures to her legs and a minor head injury after she was struck as she crossed the road last Thursday.

The schoolgirl was using the pedestrian crossing when it is claimed the vehicle, travelling at 20mph, drove through a red light.

Doctor Avishay Sarfatti, 38, was walking his four children home when he saw the car moving towards the girl.

He rushed to her side and immediately administered first aid.

He said: “She had stepped down to cross the road with her mother and the car just wasn’t slowing down.

“I took the girl to a place of safety and started to make sure that her airways were not blocked and to stabilise her neck.

“I think what really needs to happen now is an assessment of the crossing because it is an immediate threat to children.”

Dr Sarfatti said said the incident had had a profound effect on his children.

He said: “They were shaken and they did not want to go anywhere last night when they normally have Rainbows and Brownies.

“They wanted to take the car this morning to school so they didn’t have to use the crossing.”

But this is not the first time vehicles have failed to stop at the crossing.

Mum-of-two Naomi Sharland, of Dean Court, said: “I have seen a number of cars going through a red light – one parent reported it about two weeks ago.

“Just three days ago I heard a screech to a halt and you can still see the tyre marks on the ground.

“It’s 40mph down Cumnor Hill and they just do not have enough time to slow down, especially during the school pick-up and drop-off times.

“The bus lane is also too close to the pavement. I have had my shoulder clipped by a passing bus and they are literally inches away from children’s heads.

“It is just an accident waiting to happen.”

Mrs Sharland raised concerns about the impact the planned West Way development will have on the area.

She added: “I’m really worried about what is going to happen there. It is going to increase traffic, which there is enough of already. It is dangerous enough.”

District councillor Emily Smith, whose children also attend the primary school, said: “I’m wondering whether a 20mph zone might slow cars down and help drivers to notice traffic lights turning red.

“The pavement here is also very narrow and when you have all the children coming out excited that it is the end of the school day, it becomes very crowded.”

Spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police, Charlotte Redman, confirmed that no arrests have been made in relation to the incident.