A SECOND burnt-out vehicle in three days has today been dumped in the middle of the road at Redbridge Hollow travellers site.

The white pick-up truck, covered in graffiti warning of 'war' with the police, was seen abandoned in the road as officers arrived on scene at about 5.40pm.

One traveller who asked to remain anonymous said: “Things are going to escalate to a level never before seen.”

Graffiti scrawled across the abandoned truck said: "Keeping being racist and we are going to #war."

Another message daubed on the vehicle, in what appeared to be silver paint, read: "TVP are corrupt."

One passer-by said: "There’s a lot going on down here, I’ve seen lots of fighting between the police and the travellers and people have been throwing stones at each other."

Thames Valley Police has not yet responded to Oxford Mail messages. 

On Monday a car by the site was destroyed in a fire and an overturned van covered in graffiti was was left in the middle of the road.