THE bereaved mother of teenager Jenny Fry is calling for the use of wi-fi to be reviewed in schools after claiming it caused her daughter to take her own life.

Jenny, 15, hanged herself in woodlands near her home village of Chadlington, near Chipping Norton, on June 11.

Her mum Debra believes it was a cry for help after her daughter suffered from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) by being exposed to wi-fi at home and at Chipping Norton School. She said: “The first thing I noticed after one month of having wi-fi in the house was that Jenny had a very slight change in behaviour.

“She would come home from school and say she had a really weird head feeling and a pain all over her body.

“The final wake-up call was when she came downstairs with a nose bleed and said she had not knocked or picked it – she had just been sat at the computer.”

The family removed wi-fi from the house following Jenny’s symptoms, which included head pains, tiredness and bladder problems.

Ms Fry added: “The majority of health professionals don’t know about this – it’s difficult .”

Ms Fry added: “We are trying to catch it before too many people get harmed.”

At an inquest on November 18, a narrative verdict did not include the factors relating to EHS as no medical notes were provided.