CHILDREN can now travel to the kingdom of Narnia through the proverbial wardrobe during special sessions at the Story Museum.

The White Witch, who plunged Narnia into a 100-year winter, will tell them the first chapters of the story, right until the key moment when main character Lucy Pevensie enters the magical realm. She will give them a piece of Turkish Delight and take them through the wardrobe.

Sophie Hiscock, fundraising and communications manager at the museum, who plays the White Witch along with other storytellers, said: “I spent a lot of time sitting in wardrobes trying to find my way into Narnia when I was small so it’s great fun having the opportunity to introduce the magic of Narnia to a new generation.

“There’s something very special about listening to a story and then seeing it brought to life in front of your eyes. The chance to step through the wardrobe is a moment that inspires a wonderful sense of awe and wonder.”

There will be three sessions every Friday – at 5pm, 5.20pm and 5.40pm – until December 18. Each lasts for 20 minutes and entrance is included with tickets to the museum. Visitors can book on arrival.

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