THE latest adult colouring-in craze is set to come to the city after a New Marston couple released their very own book.

Colouring for Contemplation by writer Amber Hatch and her illustrator husband Alex Ogg is designed to be a calming companion for grown-ups.

Ms Hatch said: “Ours is quite different to your run-of-the-mill colouring book because it shows people ways in which colouring can be used for meditation and gives them an insight into mindfulness.

“The pictures my husband has drawn are really meaningful too, with each one accompanied by an inspirational quote from people like Gandhi, Einstein and Anne Frank.

“This works really well because it allows the reader to reflect on the message of each inspirational figure and incorporate it into their day-to-day lives.”

The book is divided into three parts: mindfulness, insight and inspiration, with each section ending with questions aimed at helping the reader to reflect on their handiwork and inner journey.

Ms Hatch said: “Our book is all about guiding readers on a journey of inner growth and developing their tranquility.

“In many ways, writing the book has also been a journey for me because it’s been really nice to get back into writing again.

“I did an MA in creative writing in my twenties and it’s always something I’ve loved, so it was great to move from parenting back into writing.”

The couple have two children, Megan, seven and Danny, four, who were home-schooled by Ms Hatch.

She added: “It’s also been fantastic to work with my husband again – it’s been a really good project for us.

“Being able to go through different aspects of the book together on a daily basis is really convenient.”

Colouring-in for adults is proving popular globally, with books making up five of Amazon’s Top 10 in May this year and Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford’s first colouring book, Secret Garden, selling 1.5 million copies since it was published in August 2013.

Some 45,000 copies of Colouring for Contemplation have already been printed and are available on Amazon and in bookshops.

Ms Hatch has already written Nappy Free Baby: a practical guide to baby-led potty training.

The book is based on the method Baby Let Potty Training, which involves parents holding their youngsters in a squat position.

Ms Hatch first came across the method seven years ago when her daughter, then five weeks old, was “squirming” at night. But after holding her baby in the squat position, the babyable to relieve herself.