Students have gathered in Oriel Square in Oxford to protest against a statue of colonial politician Cecil Rhodes.

A statue was built in his honour by Oriel College after he made a donation for a new building.

Members of the Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford group, which aims to "fight intersectional oppression within Oxford, gathered in Oriel Square shortly after midday to demand that the statue should be taken down.

In a peaceful protest, they held up banners and called for the college to remove the statue.

Organisers are handing in a petition to the college demanding the statue's removal and said more than 250 people attended the protest.

Oriel College has previously issued a statement pledging to meet students to discuss the matter.

Corpus Christi classics student Kiran Benipal, 19, who helped to lead the demonstration, said: "I come from East London but I am originally from India.

"We are questioning Rhodes' politics and asking if the money he donated came from the enslavement and oppression of black Africans.

"We have been making a noise and waving banners but this is a peaceful protest.

"We don't think there is anything to negotiate with the college - the statue must come down."

Top BBC journalist John Simpson also attended the demonstration.