The Labour candidate for Northfield Brook in the Leys won a decisive victory in yesterday’s by-election.

Jennifer Pegg, from Headington, was elected to represent the ward on Oxford City Council with 509 votes.

The former bookseller was governor at a special needs school for 13 years and currently volunteers at the Rose Hill & Donnington Advice Centre.

According to a pre-election statement, her priorities for Northfield Brook include protecting local services from cuts, ensuring police patrol the streets regularly, maintaining standards in rented homes and opportunities for young people.

Fellow candidates were Joe Lawes, UKIP, with 60 votes,  Gary Dixon, Conservative, with 47, Lucy Ayrton, Green, with 28, and James Morbin, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, with nine.

Northfield Brook includes about half of the Blackbird Leys estate and the whole of Greater Leys.

The by-election was triggered when its previous councillor, Scott Seamons, left to take on a role at the Treasury in September.

The turnout was 15 per cent.