THE NAME expected to be given to the main street in Oxford’s biggest housing estate for 100 years has led to concerns its neighbours will be left behind.

When the 885-home development on land west of Barton was given the name Barton Park 18 months ago, residents feared the name would lead to a divide between the new and existing community.

Now the Oxford Mail understands the main arterial road through the development is set to be called Barton Park Road, which has led residents to voice further fury ahead of its official announcement.

Work on the first 237 homes, being carried out by the Barton LLP – a partnership between Oxford City Council and Grosvenor Developments Ltd – is due to start in June next year.

Ray Guiller, of Sherwood Place, Barton, said he was disappointed with the naming of the street and thought the whole area should be named Barton Village.

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He added: “Barton LLP want something that looks upmarket and I do not think anyone who is running this show is really interested in integration. The community in the past made it clear that the whole idea of calling it Barton Park is against the notion of integration.

“If everyone wants to be integrated it should be known as one Barton Village, rather than just an estate.”

Stowford Road resident Paul Marlow, 59, said he could not understand why it was called Barton Park in the first place.

He said: “It’s absolutely brilliant that they are going to be build properties. My only concern is when this is built, my side of Barton is going to be forgotten. The whole thing should be called Barton, because it’s going to be part of Barton.”

Oxford City Council said the names were not all finalised yet, but a formal announcement would be made soon.

David Edwards, executive director for regeneration and housing for the council said: “We carried out extensive consultations with the community for over six months to get Barton residents involved in shaping the identity of the extension to their estate and linking the new Barton to the old.

We now have a shortlist of street names – including one for the main road – and we’ll be announcing them shortly.”

Oxfordshire County Councillor for Barton Glynis Phillips said she was “disappointed” that the main road was expected to be called Barton Park Road. She received the news at a community meeting in the Barton Neighbourhood Centre last week.

She added: “I’m just really disappointed. Barton Manor Road was spoken about because it related to some history in area.”

City councillor Van Coulter said: “I appreciate there are those who preferred that the new road be called Barton Manor Road, but I hope we can move together towards making Barton better for every resident.”