RULES that would see a crackdown on begging and busking in the city centre have been relaxed following a city council re-think.

A re-draft of the controversial Public Space Protection Order would now see 'aggressive begging' rather than 'persistent begging' targeted.

In June Oxford City Council delayed its decision for further restrictions after a civil rights action group threatened legal action. 

The PSPO would have seen 'persistent begging' and sleeping in public toilets banned from the city.

A re-drafted report reasoned that individuals rarely beg for money just once and by its nature it would be persistent, and so the order should target "aggressive begging" instead.

It defined agressive as outside cash points or when a person is made to feel intimidated or harassed.

It also relaxed a potential ban on sleeping in publics toilet with the order now only targeting illicit activities that are a risk to the public.

Lawyers had claimed the proposed PSPO was unlawful on a number of human rights and common law grounds.

The city council decided to address the criticisms and has re-drafted several sections of the report. 

The revised report is due to go to the City Executive Board for decision on October 15.