REGARDING James Styring’s column On Yer Bike (Oxford Mail, Tuesday), he asked the rhetorical question; “It’s time us cyclists were allowed to turn at a red light”.

Actually James, I think you’d find most cyclists disregard red lights and go about their merry way anyway!

He also states that in a city like Oxford, we should make sure that all junctions have Advanced Stop Lines.

As most cyclists don’t bother to stop, this would be a complete waste of money. Here’s an idea. How about cyclists getting fined for riding on a road which clearly has a cycle lane allocated to it.

As an example, Radley Road between Abingdon and Radley Village has a cycle lane in the adjoining field owned by Peachcroft Farm.

However, cyclists refuse to use it. Again, Kennington Road from Radley College to Sugworth Lane has a cycle and pedestrian lane which is rarely used. These are for cyclists’ own safety and cost money to build.

If I drive on the path, rest assured I would be fined. Why shouldn’t a cyclist if it’s provided for them?

I’m sure enforcing this would ensure that not only would cyclists stop at red lights and use the roads and cycle lanes properly, a good many less people would be killed on the roads. So, allowing cyclists to ignore red lights? On Yer Bike James!