TELETUBBIES on display at Modern Art Oxford shed a different light on the playful TV characters and there is no singing and dancing about it.

A new exhibition at the museum by American artist Josh Kline displays four towering Police Teletubbies dressed in SWAT gear, guarding a space modelled after Zuccotti Park in New York City, which was the site of the Occupy Wall Street protest camp in 2011.

The screens on the Teletubbies show live videos of the protest to give an insight into US politics.

Communications manager Ruba Asfahani said: “This is Josh Kline’s first exhibition in the UK and it’s very political. The whole room is based on how it was like for people protesting in Zuccotti Park.

“It’s not too scary, it’s more about having this very open view of what is going on in America.”

In the exhibition, Kline highlights what he believes is the erosion of privacy and civil rights in the 21st century.

The exhibition named Freedom is the first in a cycle of projects planned by the American, that will explore political landscapes of the future.

The show runs at the Pembroke Street gallery until October 18.

Admission is free.