Paramedics have praised the quick-thinking actions of a group of people who lifted a car to help rescue a trapped female cyclist.

The heroes rushed to help the woman, who was trapped under the blue Ford outside Java&Co coffee shop in New Inn Hall Street, following a collision just after noon.

The quick actions of the group allowed paramedics to immediately treat the woman, who is now at the John Radcliffe Hospital with serious leg injuries.

Michelle Archer from South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), said: "We would like to thank those members of the public who came out of local premises and were in the street at the time of a collision in Oxford this afternoon.

"Their quick actions to rescue a lady who had become trapped underneath a car meant that as soon as our paramedic arrived on scene they could start that vital immediate treatment."

Father-of-two Matthew Horwood was one of the people who lifted the car and freed the trapped cyclist.

He said: "I'm not a hero I just did what someone else would do. I would do the same for anyone, my wife, you, Joe Bloggs down the road. 

"I just did what was needed, to get the car off her.

"I hope she is okay and I'm glad she is with the best people now."

The amazing effort was captured on film by Mehmet Yildirim, who was upstairs at the coffee shop at the time.

He said: “It was like a big earthquake - it was a terrible shake.

“I put my head out of the window and saw the women lying there, next to her bike.

“Some people lifted the car off her before the ambulance and police turned up."

Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Connie Primer said a female cyclist was trapped under a car but had been freed.

Oxford Mail:

Kevin Brown, from Summertown, was passing by when the incident happened.

He said: "I was walking by. I didn't see it happen but there was a women underneath the car.

"I was one bloke of about 20 who got the car and started lifting it up.

"We managed to lift it up and pull her out.

"Then we were waiting for the emergency services to arrive. It all happened so quickly. I was just walking by."

He added the woman was treated by doctors for about 40 minutes and was then put in ambulance.

South Central Ambulance Service spokeswoman Michelle Archer said: “We got a call at 12.09pm to George Street and New Inn Hall Street to a road traffic collision involving a car and a pedestrian.

“A rapid response crew and an ambulance were sent. We assessed and treated one female patient at the scene for serious leg injuries and she has been taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital.”

Oxford Mail: George Street Crash

George Street was shut while emergency services treated the woman but has since reopened, but New Inn Hall Street remains shut.

Owner of Java&Co Andrew Bowen said it looked like the car had been in reverse when it collided with a woman on a bike.

Mr Bowen added: "I was not here when it happened, I was on my way from Abingdon when I received the call.

"[The lady] may have a broken leg. We are all a bit shaken up.

"We also feel as sorry for the people involved.

"I feel for everyone here. I hope the lady is okay.

"We are closed but the window should be boarded up and we could be open in an hour."